TEEN WOLF - POP Television - Scott McCall Vinyl Figure 10cm

TEEN WOLF - POP Television - Scott McCall Vinyl Figure 10cm

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Teen Wolf is both a huge, slightly under the radar, TV
success and an internet sensation. The adventures of
Scott McCall (the Teen Wolf) and his best friend Stilinski,
as they navigate teenage life (with the added wrinkle
of being a Werewolf) built a massive following over
its 6 seasons. Although loosely based on the movie,
which starred Michael J Fox, these are all new advetures,
and the largely teenage audience have made the
characters and events, part of massive online communities
based on love of the show. Although there have
been book and comic spin-off’s, fans of the show have
been starved of character merchandise - until now.

The Scott McCall POP! vinyl figure stands around 9 cm tall. 

POP! vinyl has been the collector’s sensation of the last few years. 

Packed in illustrated window box

Scott McCall POP Television Vinyl Figure 10cm