Back To The Future - ReAction Series - Marty Mcfly Radiation Suit 9cm

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  • Manufacturer : Super7

Kenner Retro 9cm ReAction Series

BACK TO THE FUTURE - ReAction Series - Marty Mcfly Radiation Suit 9cm Retro

Super 7. He may not be an alien from the planet Vulcan, but Marty McFly has to twist the truth a bit if he wants to scare his reluctant future father into asking his mother out for a dance! This 3.75" scale Back to the Future ReAction action figure of Marty McFly wears his space movie-inspired radiation suit with removable helmet and comes with a hair dryer "weapon" and Walkman accessories. Each The ReAction figure stands 3 3/4" tall, features five points of articulation, and comes in full-color retro-style blister card packaging.